In-Store Radio

  • Music Choose any genre to suit your business
  • Station Name Have your very own station name
  • Promote broadcast your messages to customers (one off £15 each time you update promo)

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Build a connection with your customers

Our team of creative commercial radio presenters and producers believe in-store radio can be utilised to maximise brand or company exposure, without the high end costs.

We do this by using some of the UK’s top radio industry talent to bring a professional sound and image to your business. Our team specialise in creating the right sound to compliment your business whilst using unique and proven live reads to target your customers whilst on your business premises, live reads are hourly adverts/information the presenters will read out and talk up. 

Our production team not only assist and design an hour by hour programme, but we support you and help you maximise the use of your own in-store radio station. We plan and schedule every aspect of the station for you, all you have to do is tell us about your offers, discounts or promotions and we do the rest. 

edge radio microphone with black background
edge radio retail radio shop with clothes

Having your very own radio station not only raises the profile of your business or brand, but it ensures that the music your customers hear is what they relate to, you pass over vital information and promotions to your target audience and if businesses choose to do so, you can sell advertising to other businesses or services to generate more income and who knows your station could pay for itself.. 

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Our in house team of creative producers are among the best in the business, we bring your advertisement creation into reality from writing the script, arranging a voice over to the final production edit. Our adverts will have your business deliver a professional sound that helps your business generate more income or pass over vital information and promotions.


Every in-store station will have its own unique branding which includes a modern logo and commercial production. Our team works closely with our customers to ensure a modern fresh look that both looks and sounds as good as your business. We do all our design and production in house, allowing us to keep our cost low.


At Edge Media, our team of commercial presenters has both experience and versatility to relate to your audience, not to mention their music knowledge. Our shows are produced to standard's expected on commercial radio. We pride ourselves on our team's ability and talent to entertain, inform and captivate your audience.